CBD Pain Relief

Are you in pain?  Muscles aching?  Joints inflamed? Arthritis bothering you?  Look no further than Tru Blue's Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pain Relief Cream and Lotion formulas.  Full Strength with 500, 1000 and 3000 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract plus other great ingredients. 

  1. MAX Pain Hi-Performance Pain Relief Cream is the #1 hi-performance pain cream due to its being loaded with 3000mg Premium CBD Oil, world acclaimed Emu Oil, and superfood Turmeric to bring major relief fast and deep.  It's an award winning formula.  4oz to last a while.  It has a great scent of Menthol & Camphor.
  2. Our 1000mg Full Strength-Full Spectrum CBD oil Pain Cream is a solid performer for generally achiness.  A mild refreshing fragrance of Menthol & Camphor, and many essential oils all acting together to heal will get you feeling better in no time.  
  3. Our airless 500mg Pain Relief Lotion is something athletes and fitness buffs will love.  A high quality hemp oil-infused skin cream, which can be applied on aching joints and painful sore muscles to deliver the tremendous benefits of hemp with the cooling relief of menthol.  
Tru Blue's pain relief products provide fantastic relief to sore & achy shoulders, knees, joints and muscles, all from the best hemp oil extracts.  Give Tru Blue a try...you will feel the benefit.