In a World where you can be Anything....Be Kind, Be Helpful, Be Tru. Tru Blue Hemp Company

Tru Blue Hemp Company was founded in 2017 by our farm family in Versailles,  Kentucky with the goal of helping people and our four-legged family members achieve, regain, or restore their health through the miraculous benefits of the ancient hemp plant. 

CBD has helped virtually every member of our family, but scores of other good people with various health problems.  It is so fulfilling knowing people appreciate the higher quality of our products and acknowledge the higher value we provide through our fair pricing farm-to-table business model. 

Our mission is clear:  Bring high quality, reliable & trusted CBD products from our farm to you at an affordable and achievable to all price.  And of course, all of our products are 100% Made in USA.  

Tru Blue (definition):  loyal & unwavering, constant, dedicated, devoted, devout, the real thing, faithful, steadfast and true

Vision:  Help Earth-Mankind-Planet (HEMP). 



Taking this to heart, Tru Blue Hemp Company is doing everything we can to achieve our mission.  Our reliable, high quality, all natural hemp products are trusted by our customers to be fast acting and highly beneficial.  Being a fully integrated farm-to-product company, and having no middlemen to deal with, we can offer affordable prices so that more people can afford access to the many wonderful benefits the hemp plant provides.  In a chemically oriented world, it makes good common sense to avoid over-expensive pharmaceuticals that are riddled with side effects and unwanted consequences whenever possible.  Our all natural premium CBD oil products are Full Strength - Full Spectrum - Full Benefit with no chemicals.

Since the early Colonial days of our country, the Kentucky Bluegrass area was recognized as an ideal place to grow hemp and known the world over as having some of the best soil on Earth.  In the epicenter of the Bluegrass lies Belle Terre Farm, where our care for the Earth, humanity, animals and plants forms the foundation of who we are and what we do.  Our family of "hempsters" raise our own special varietal hemp seeds and plants, carefully and organically tend and grow beautiful fields of fine grade hemp plants, harvest at just the right time for optimum quality, dry and trim our own flower, extract our own premium grade Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and produce a full line of highly effective, wholesome, potent, products that work.  Read our testimonials from many good people who have all sorts of health issues:  heart arrhythmia, muscle pain, joint pain, hand shakes, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, sleep disorders, body soreness, epilepsy, migraine headaches, and many more.  They have found tremendous and satisfying, even life changing, results from Tru Blue Hemp Co. products.   


Tru Blue Hemp Company truly stands apart from most hemp product companies in the USA because we are totally vertically integrated:  we grow, harvest, extract, and manufacture our own natural premium product line that includes CBD oil based supplements, CBD gummies, CBD pain cream, CBD facial creams, CBD oil extracts, hemp oils, CBD softgels, CBD pet care and CBD products for dogs like dog chews, and much more. 




                                                 Blue Buffalo Hemp Produces - A Breed Apart

Regarding our icon, we chose the American Buffalo as our symbol because it is perhaps the most iconic of all native American animals.  From Kentucky to the Rockies, it was a sign of good medicine, strength, and wholeness to our native Americans. It was a great example of true abundance – its behemoth features being a sign of a greater good:  

Provision | Gratitude | Abundance | Consistency | Strength | Stability | Blessing | Prosperity | Health

Try our hemp products and feel good about helping yourself, your four-legged friends, and the home we call Earth. 

Thank you for visiting us, and should you decide to purchase any of our outstanding products, know that we value you as a customer, pray for your very best and appreciate your business.  Always feel free to contact us any time, and please like us on Facebook, Instagram, and help us grow the Blue Buffalo.