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Our Story

Our happy family lives on Belle Terre Farm, a Regenerative Agriculture farm that is Certified Organic.  We take our Mission very seriously:  Improve the Health of our Living Soil, what we Grow, what we Eat, so that People, Pets & Planet prosper.  Regenerative Agriculture and Organic Certification defines us and shapes our mission of reestablishing an agricultural and health system that is in harmony with nature, vibrant and wholesome.  This means it is small farm oriented and focused on the delicate and intricate balance that exists in nature between animals and plants, so that each nurtures the other:  the Living Soil feeding the plants > the healthier plants feeding the animals > the healthier animals feeding the soil with their manure and providing us with healthier meat so that we too are healthier from both the plants and meat we eat.  The circle of life.  The health of each part, soil, air, and water, is critical to the survival and thriving of the whole.  Our health depends upon it.

This picture above is part of our staff that help take care of the place.  They mow our fields and fertilize them to achieve the healthiest soils nature can render.

Everything to promote health and wellness has been here since creation.  But greed got in the way, and myopically focused on quantity and profit, ignoring the impact upon our soil, water, air, and health.  The result:  we have almost killed our "living soil" through the misuse of commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides.  There are normally billions of microorganisms in just one teaspoon of healthy soil (mycorrhizal fungi, algae's, protozoa, bacteria, etc.).  Not after years of these chemicals getting dumped on the soil and plants we eat.  This atrocity has led us to the point where over 80% of Americans have glyphosate (the active weed killing ingredient in Roundup and similar products) in their blood and urine.  Wonder why we are getting sicker, and more diseases are appearing?  The negative impact has wrecked our soil, water and air quality.  But wait, there is hope: 


Man was given dominion over the Earth to care for it and treat it with respect.    Our home, Earth, is not exclusively ours.  Collectively this means caring for our living soil, water, air, plants, and animals...everything on our planet.  We have a responsibility to care for it and keep it healthy and whole.  If we continue to treat it unwisely, we will continue to get the results we've been getting and will cause the continued calamity which misuse and greed renders.  We need to return to a chemical free environment, heal our soils, clean our water and aquifers, cleanse the air, and create food that is healthy.  This is Regenerative Agriculture.                

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Healthy, living soil propagates healthy, living plants.  Ever wonder why beautiful looking produce in the stores is tasteless?  It's because it's been grown in dead soil and has had multiple events with those chemicals discussed above.  Studies show that the nutritional content of grocer foods is only 20% of what it was 60 years ago (before the chemical era).  Organically grown produce, fruits and vegetables, are nutritionally abundant which helps us be healthier.


Through our hemp company, Tru Blue Hemp Company, we are trying to do our part.  We utilize a vertically integrated seed to product formula using the tremendous soils here at Belle Terre Farm.  Healthy soil creates healthy, nutritious produce which creates healthy animals which creates healthy humans.  Vertical integration provides higher quality at lower cost.  Our mission is to help people achieve better health and happier lives through the assistance of nature's best healing plants.  Tru Blue Hemp's premium full spectrum CBD oil derived from the hemp plant can help with a great many health issues:  sleep problems, stress & anxiety, nervousness, inflammation, aches & pains, arthritis, tremors, shaking disorders, headaches, skin irritations, and so much more.  It is relatively low cost and accomplishes these things without Big Pharma and the myriad negative side effects so common in today's synthetic drugs.

Look through our site and try some of our premium products.  They are highly won't be disappointed.  Of particular help are our tinctures, soft gels, and our highly regarded Pain Creams.  We are looking forward to serving you and hearing about the good results you experience.  Read some of the many wonderful reviews in our Testimonial section. 

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get. 

To your best,

Tru Blue Hemp Company

Video:  Planting hemp crop:



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