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Wonder Cream

I can’t stay enough good things about this cream. It has helped my constant back, shoulder and knee pain. A little goes a long way and the scent is an invigorating spa like experience. I wish I would have got this years ago.

My wife has tried every pain medication she could find and the pain crème and drops she got helped her tremendously thanks

My wife liked both items they seemed to help her


This cream works instantly, best I have ever found!


The product is great. A little goes a long way. Sadly the dispenser which I believe is called an air dispenser (no hose) didn’t work. Good concept bad design


It works on a lot of different levels God bless

Tru Blue Full Spectrum Hemp Gel Capsules Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I have been using Tru Blue Full Spectrum Hemp Gel Capsules for over six months. It has changed my life. I have neuralgia (chronic nerve pain). I was taking prescription medications. The side effects were terrible. Fatigue and dizziness were getting worse. I take the gel capsules every night before bed. They have taken away my nerve pain with NO side effects. I actually have my energy back. I talked to my neurologist before trying the gel caps. She thought it was a great idea to try. The doctor had to tell me no hemp products are FDA approved. I highly recommend Tru Blue Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules. I have recommended this to my family and friends as well.


My wife recently had ACL surgery and was in a ton of pain. She didn‚Äôt want to take narcotics, so that basically left Tylenol which wasn‚Äôt cutting it. We were looking for anything to help with the pain. Living in Colorado, CBD is easy for us to get. We tried several, some cheap off of Amazon which didn‚Äôt work at all, and then we tried a couple others at dispensaries. NONE worked as well as this. This stuff we found out is ‚Äúfull spectrum‚ÄĚ meaning it has all the properties your body needs to properly absorb the CBD. This stuff is the real thing and actually works, fast. Would highly recommend for anyone to try who‚Äôs looking for a solution with muscle and joint aches. I now use it for my back and bad shoulder!

CBD Tincture - Natural Flavor - Full Spectrum

Excellent product

I have chronic burning pain in legs from nerve damage in L5/S1. Notice district benefits in sleep pain coverage.
Great tasting.

Great gift

We bought a tube of the CBD Pain Relief IcyHot lotion for all six of our adult children for Christmas. They are hard working, physically active people and they are very happy with their lotion! It relieves soreness and joint pain!!!

Very good product!

I've had hand tremors since I was 16, and they've grown worse in my latter 50's and early 60's. I'm very active in a variety of things, still working, and a musician as well. My doctor refers to these as Essential Tremors or Familial Tremors, and had prescribed a low dose blood pressure med to treat. BTW, my blood pressure is rock solid, so it has nothing to do with that. In speaking with Craig at Tru Blue Hemp, he suggested the Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, and if I take 15 or so drops at night with water before bed, I wake up rock solid in the morning! I had gotten to a point where my handwriting was nearly illegible as a result of the tremors, now I am back to handwriting notes constantly. Thanks Tru Blue!

CBD Pain Relief Cream - MAX Hi-Performance Pain Cream with 3000 mg CBD, Emu Oil, Turmeric 4oz


Thank you for the timeliness of the order and the CBD Turmeric continues to work on my joints and aches daily, allowing me to do things pain free. BN

Sensational Product!!

I found this very effective to help in aiding sleep. I have a very hard time falling asleep, tuning my thoughts down. Continued use of this product has assisted me in falling & staying asleep. Getting better quality rest, will definitely continue using!

Was feeling achy and tired. Remembered this bath bomb so I put it in the tub and soaked for a long while. Felt like new after the soak! Loved the soothing bath bomb!!!


I have received multple product from Tru Blue and they have all been amazing. The pain cream, both the 1500mg and 3000mg, have very quick results and last for a couple hours. they smell very nice too. My massage therapist loves using the lotions on me, I think it makes her hands tingle. If you are on the fence on when or not or if to try their products, do not hesitate. they are awesome!!! Thank You Tru Blue

Best CBD Pain Cream

Wow, I cannot tell you how much of a "relief" trying this pain cream has been. I live in Colorado, have tried countless CBD creams. Some work great, others not at all. Until trying this, I was using Mary's Medicinal CBD Cream. They were the first CBD on the market, and they are priced as such. Although it worked, I cannot stress enough how much better this one worked! It has TRIPLE the amount of full spectrum CBD in it than competitors, the scent is great, and it works INSANELY quick. I have severe scoliosis and my back is often in such pain its hard to sit down. I'm able to put this on, and within minutes can feel relief, in about half an hour my back is fully relaxed. I like this cream so much I have it delivered once a month. If you're looking for the best cbd cream, give this a try!!!

The best skin care product in the world

Greg I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with true blue hemp moisturizer serum and eyecare it is the best skin care product on the planet and so affordable I bought all of them and use them less than a dime size per day every day and it lasted me for months and 10 days I also had what are called barnacles on top of my head that looked like small scabs and within 13 days of using this product they are completely gone and cleared up it is absolutely amazing it also makes your face look younger and healthier and tightens your skin anyone on the planet needs to be using this product it is the best most inexpensive product in the world

CBD and Turmeric worked great!

I had been using a natural tincture from Tru Blue Hemp to good effect but still felt I had inflammation in my body. Wow! This tincture tasted good, helped me sleep even better, and helped further reduce inflammation, aches & pains I had quite significantly. Tru Blue is great at combining valuable ingredients into really effective products that work fast. Their MAX Hi-Performance pain cream works great too.

Facial cream products

True Blus Skin Products fabulous I applied the eye cream, face serum and moisturiser for the frist time. My husband asked me if I had a facial that day. That is how good this product works. Give it a chance The product is awesome

Serendipitous find!

I had the misfortune of making friends with poison ivy, and after trying all the conventional remedies like cortisone and Calamine lotion, with no success, I saw a jar of Tru Blue intensive pain cream that my husband uses for his ailments. I decided to give it a shot, as I was in extreme discomfort from itching. Oh my goshhhh!! Literally within seconds my itching was GONE, I mean gone! While it didn't eliminate the severe rash on my arms, I applied the cream probably three times a day and never had any itching or discomfort. I am sold on this product and will be using it for future aches and pains, as it is short of miraculous!


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