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Tru Blue Hemp Co.

CBD Gel Capsules | Full Spectrum All Natural | 60 day supply | 25mg ea. | 60ct | 1500mg total

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Can't sleep?  Body aching?  Order this 60-day/Two Month) supply of Tru Blue Hemp Company's fast-acting, premium quality CBD Gel Capsules with 1500mg of all natural full strength/full spectrum CBD Oil Extract (25mg per capsule) and get the benefit of the entire goodness of the whole hemp plant including important terpenes and flavonoids.  A great way to start using CBD, this 60 day supply is a good buy as well as a good remedy.  Many other brands are $70 for a 30 day supply of 25mg/softgel which is $2.33ea.  Maximize your benefit with Tru Blue CBD Gel Capsules which give you two full months for only $1.50ea and a greater impact - Results you can feel!

Popular for their ease of use & versatility our CBD Gel Capsules are made with the finest all natural ingredients, free of artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives.  Enjoy the purest and most potent hemp product on the market, perfect for taking a daily dose of the hemp plants full botanical array in a convenient and portable form. 


Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water & Premium Full Strength Hemp Extract

 Made In USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bonnie J.
Tru Blue Full Spectrum Hemp Gel Capsules Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I have been using Tru Blue Full Spectrum Hemp Gel Capsules for over six months. It has changed my life. I have neuralgia (chronic nerve pain). I was taking prescription medications. The side effects were terrible. Fatigue and dizziness were getting worse. I take the gel capsules every night before bed. They have taken away my nerve pain with NO side effects. I actually have my energy back. I talked to my neurologist before trying the gel caps. She thought it was a great idea to try. The doctor had to tell me no hemp products are FDA approved. I highly recommend Tru Blue Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules. I have recommended this to my family and friends as well.

Tracy J. Tulley

Such an awesome product ! I take it and so does my dog !! Thank you guys. Keep up the good work !!

K Churchill

Excellent product and service!!!

Carrie E.
Randy's review for your Full Spectrum

I am an entrepreneur and run several little businesses, and due to COVID 19 and the Portland riots - My office was robbed which is one of many issues that has made it a very stressful year.

My wife asked me to take these Blue Buffalo CBD so I could sleep better. I asked please don’t... I don't want any cannabis related products ...I don’t want any addictions. I thought that was the end. I did not know my wife was getting coached by one of her many friends. She went ahead and sourced the CBD and asked again, explaining how it is non-addictive that I take it to relieve the stress of my job and let me sleep better.

I don’t know if my answer was truly professional or I just growled. I knew I had a lot of daily issues and this was not going to solve my many problems for tomorrow. Anyone that knows my wife knows she never stops and she hits me again, and again, so one day I took a Full Spectrum Hemp Gel Capsule before I went to bed.

Next the more I slept a little better and felt a little less stress. That when they explained that due to my size x-large that I should take two pills. Well over the next few nights it worked. I'm sleeping most of the night and I am dealing better with the stress, with even jokes popping up again, and I’m starting to see a better future for my business again.

I did not find this to be a complete answer for stopping the stress. What I did find is that my day to day business events and problems are less stressful and even a little more balanced, and my eternal panic seems not to be so dark. As work is turning to be a little more enjoyable.

The path I'm on now is easier, knowing I was a strong man that was dead set against CBD. It is sometimes hard for us male stereotype men like me, to admit when they are wrong, but I have no addictions, no cravings, and it simply made my very stressful days easier, and my sleeping deep and nice most nights.

It has really helped
Thank you,

Craig W
Blue Buffalo CBD Softgels cured my sleep and rotator cuff throbbing

For years I have not slept well. Part of that was a pretty bad rotator cuff which seemed to just throb at night after laying down in bed. That was all I could think about and it caused me to toss and turn a lot trying to get comfortable. All that went away several months ago when I started to take one 25mg softgel about one half hour before bed. That very first night I slept like I hadn't in years. Now, over that last several months, I actually think that all the added rest has helped promote better health for me overall, and has also helped eliminate the inflammation I've had all these years in my shoulder. It seems to me that my shoulder is actually healing, something no doctor has ever told me was possible. If you aren't sleeping well, or have any kind of pain like I did, I heartily recommend you give Blue Buffalo a try. Their all natural full strength/full spectrum CBD oil in softgel or tincture really works.


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